Ignacio Farías
Claudia Mendes
Felix Remter
Hannah Varga
Indrawan Prabaharyaka
Laurie Waller
Pim Peters
Santiago Orrego
Sarah Widmer
Tomás S. Criado

Research Interests

Prof. Dr. phil. Ignacio Farías Hurtado: STS; Urban Studies; Cultural studies

Dr. Tomás S. Criado: Anthropology and STS; Ecologies of support and more-than-human care; Technoscientific activisms and their documentation interfaces; Ethnographic experimentation

Claudia Mendes: STS & Urban Studies; Participatory Urbanism and Digitalization; Markets for Collective Concerns; Technopolitics in the EU

Santiago Orrego: Sociology; STS & Urban Studies; Controversy Analysis

Pim Peters: STS & Planning; Politics of Urban Infrastructures and Mobility

Indrawan Prabaharyaka: Urban water and Sanitation; Knowledge Production and Material Politic of Urban Infrastructures; Southern Urbanism; Participatory Research Action; New Institutionalism

Felix Remter: More Than Human Anthropology; STS & Urban/Ecological Design; Migration, Identity and Discourse; Mixed Media Ethnography

Hannah Varga: STS & Design; Social and Cultural Anthropology; Experimental Design Practices

Dr. Laurie Waller: STS; Sociology; Participation and Political Theory; Controversy Analysis; Inventive Methods and Public Experiment

Sarah Widmer: STS; Geography & Spatial Theory; Algorithmic Urbanism and Security Studies